EPIS offers a range of basic support services for the frail or aged, people with disabilities and people who have long term medical conditions and their carers.


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Centre Based Day Care (CBDC)

CBDC includes group excursions and activities, both in and away from the centres. Clients love the trips out of town to waterholes, the river and larger towns.

When the weather is more conducive to inside activities, painting, arts and crafts, gentle exercise, music, bingo, board games and looking at old photos are favourites.

Other Food Services

Clients dine in at the Centres for a light breakfast and lunch. Many prefer to take their midday meal home.

Meals are not delivered over the weekend or public holidays. Over longer breaks, such as Easter and Christmas, hampers are made up and delivered to Clients to ensure they have adequate food supplies.

Personal Care

Personal care is provided at all Day Centres on a daily basis.

Personal care includes assistance with showering, eating, hair care, shaving and grooming.

Domestic Assistance
Domestic assistance is generally centre based where Clients bring linen and clothing to be washed. Very occasionally clients receive in-home domestic assistance.

Transport is provided to assist people in leaving their homes and communities to undertake shopping, hospital and doctor appointments, visit family and friends, other service providers and the day centre.


Nursing services are provided across all our Centres and include dressings, medication prompting, health assessments, monitoring, referral and nutritional education.

Respite Services
Cottage and Desert Mobile respite is available to care recipients. With the capacity to offer overnight care at all our facilities, we also have a fully equipped camper trailer. This enables Clients to return to their place of birth, visit places of cultural significance and visit family and children that have been absent from their lives for many years.
Social Support

Social support includes social activities and assistance with day to day tasks such as shopping, banking, paying bills and letter writing.

EPIS abides by the HACC Service Standards, the Community Care Standards and the NRCP Standards in the delivery of care to its clients.  These are described below:


HACC Service Standards


  • Client’s access to a service is decided only on the basis of relative need.
  • Each client is informed about his or her rights and responsibilities and the services available, and consulted about any changes required.
  • Clients receive the benefit of wellness planned, efficient and accountable service management.
  • Each client receives coordinated services that are planned, reliable and meet his or her specific ongoing needs.
  • Each client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality are respected, and he or she has access to personal information held by the agency.
  • Each client has access to fair and equitable procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes.
  • Each client has access to an advocate of his or her choice.

Community Care Standards


  •  Information and Consultation

Each care recipient and prospective care recipient (or their representative) is to have access to information to assist in making an informed choice about available community care Services.


  • Identifying Care Needs

Each care recipient is to receive quality services that meet their assessed needs.


  • Coordinated, Planned and Reliable Service Delivery

Each care recipient (or their representative) is enabled to take part in the development of a package of services that meets the care recipient’s needs.


  • Social Independence

Each care recipient should be enabled where possible, and encouraged, to exercise their preferred level of social independence. All HACC agencies must implement The Wellness Approach.